Taylor Swift is in her Eras era



Taylor Swift is in her Eras era. This morning, she released “All Of The Girls You Loved Before,” a previously unreleased Lover track, along with 3 Taylor’s Versions: “If This Was A Movie,” “Safe & Sound,” and “Eyes Open.” On “All Of The Girls,” Taylor thanks all of the girls that her current partner loved before her, because they made him who he is today. It’s a song about fate – not unlike the folklore track, “invisible string.” One of Taylor’s greatest strengths is her ability to craft a pop song with meaningful, timeless lyrics, and “All Of The Girls” is a perfect example. During the pre, she sings, “Your past and mine are parallel lines / Stars all aligned and they intertwined.” Taylor Swift is known for her skillful songwriting, but on this song, she reminds us that she is a vocalist too, and an impressive one at that. During the bridge and final chorus, she hits a breathtaking high note. (Hopefully we’ll get to hear it live on The Eras Tour!)



The artist also released “If This Was A Movie (Taylor’s Version)” …with the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album cover? If you’re new here, “If This Was A Movie” was originally a track on the deluxe edition of Speak Now. However, she’s decided to treat it as a Fearless track, and has added it to the EP, The More Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Chapter. So, this is a bit confusing. Nevertheless, the new version is just as heartbreaking as the original, with Taylor’s rich vocals and production that doesn’t deviate too much from the original.


Lastly, Taylor released “Safe & Sound (feat. Joy Williams and John Paul White) (Taylor’s Version)” and “Eyes Open (Taylor’s Version)”. She wrote both songs for The Hunger Games movie, and the original versions can be found on the compilation album, The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond. The new versions have the Red (Taylor’s Version) album cover and are included on the EP, The More Red (Taylor’s Version) Chapter. Somehow, Taylor was able to briefly reunite The Civil Wars for “Safe & Sound” – who permanently parted ways in 2014. Thank you, Taylor!


The artist embarks on the U.S. leg of The Eras Tour today, starting in Glendale, AZ. I mean, Swift City, AZ. Yes, Glendale Mayor Jerry P. Weiers issued a proclamation on March 13th revealing the city of Glendale’s new name, which will be in effect on March 17th and 18th. No, I can’t make this up. It’s Taylor Swift’s world and we’re just living in it.


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