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Rising Pop Star Sophia Dashing recently dropped her latest single “Lonely.” Talking about her songwriting process and how she manages her time to her musical influences, Sophia Dashing is the artist to keep an eye out for. Check out Melodic Magazine’s most recent interview with the singer-songwriter down below. 
MM: Congrats on your most recent release “Lonely“. It’s truly an addictive bop that leaves us dancing. Can you explain the influence or inspiration behind the song? Did this song come from a previous experience?

thank you so much! this means the world. I wrote “Lonely” after being single for minute. I’m usually a girl who’s pretty content with being on her own especially with how much I am in love with working on my music career, but I had met someone and suddenly it felt like they we’re the only one that could/I wanted to cure my loneliness. It’s a song about being infatuated by someone. It’s almost like meeting that person highlighted my loneliness in a way and only they could fix it.

MM: This past year has been pretty busy for you hasn’t it? Not only did you release your official debut single as an artist with “High Priestess,” but you’ve dropped quite a few other singles as well. Some might even think you’re a workaholic with all the constant releases. How do you manage your time and decide when a song is ready for release?

Yes! I definitely am a workaholic. I love creating and staying in the space of making music/dancing & performing is what makes me happiest. Time management is easy for me because I literally set alarms for everything for the day the night before. I’m super organized but it definitely can get overwhelming! Being an independent artist, we have to wear so many hats. I decide when a song is ready for release when it feels right and complete. It’s just a feeling amongst the producers and artist in the room. “Lonely” was a bit rushed though because I wanted it out before my Atlanta Pride performance a day after!! New music is coming though!

MM: How would you describe your songwriting process? Do you feel it comes out naturally? Do you ever hit any mental blocks, if so, what do you do to help you with the songwriting process?

My songwriting process is super natural. If I’m feeling literally anything I run to my journal or the notes app. And It just spills out of me. It’s how I articulate anything that I’m going through. Songwriting has saved me in so many ways. I’m so grateful for it. My songwriting process usually starts from a feeling within me, a situation or a story. Sometimes I’ll start with the writing, or a poem and it forms into a melody. Or sometimes it’s the other way around! It just depends. Songwriting blocks luckily don’t come to me! I haven’t experienced that. I can’t imagine feeling a block when it’s the only thing that really makes sense to me sometimes.

MM: Out of your entire catalog what song do you think represents you best as an artist?

I love my singles “Lonely”, “Bad Boy” and “way i”. Those are my favorites!

MM: The pandemic has been both physically and mentally hard for several. Here at Melodic Magazine we hope you’ve been doing well, do you have any tips for our readers on how to stay sane or positive during hard times?
Thank you so much! Yes. Affirmations all the way. Self love is a huge factor in staying sane during hard times and it helps. Journaling is great. I do affirmations in the mirror every morning. They help shape the day and build confidence within. You feel like you can really get through anything once you make it a routine. A lot of things are mental so they help a lot with shifting energy within.
MM: As an Atlanta based artist is there anything your thankful for the city for? *this could be anything from the influence of sound,artists, people, fans etc*
Absolutely. I’m so thankful to be from Atlanta. The entertainment industry here is phenomenal. I love R&B and hip-hop. Atlanta is a capital of that. I grew up in the dance studios here and so many people have shaped me into who I am as an artist. And the fans here are amazing too. Just cause they are so real!!
MM: What artist(s) inspires your music and sound the most?
Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga. I love pop music. I also have a side to me that loves R&B. I love Jhené Aiko, Jojo, Mariah Carey.
MM: For most musicians the music they create comes from a personal place from within, do you think there’d ever be something off limits for you to write about and release to your fans?

Absolutely not. Even though it’s hard, I always want to be vulnerable with people who listen to my music. I feel like it’s something I must to do as an artist. Authenticity is important to me as a human and a musician. For me, I find so much comfort when I’m going through something and can find a song to listen to that equally shares the experience. I would love for my music to do that for people. I’ve wrote a lot of heart-break, sad feeling ballads as well that are in the vault to come out soon. I’m excited to tap into that energy more. It’s definitely needed!

MM: If you could have an artist feature on a song, living or not, who would it be and why?
It would definitely be Britney. Whenever / If she feels up to releasing again! I would love to manifest that. She is my Queen forever.
MM: What’s one thing you want your listeners to take away with them when they listen to your music?

I want my listeners to feel good after listening to my music. To dance, to feel a certain release. To vibe. Whatever the case may be. I hope my music gives a relatable feeling with the honesty in my songwriting, and I lastly just hope it’s enjoyable to listen to for any occasion!

MM: What are some of your goals for the next year or two? Can we expect to hear more new songs, an EP or even an album?

A huge goal for me is to perform more and I will be! I’m performing at Atlanta Pride October 8th which will be huge! It’s my first performance so it’s a big deal. I can’t wait for more to come. I would love to travel the world, connect with others and to of course make more music. People can definitely expect a body of work coming soon from me! I write a song every day, so they are all piling up for sure waiting to be shared! Thank you so much!

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