Peaches Teaches The Children


In 2000, Canadian artist Peaches released the album “The Teaches of Peaches”, showcasing her hyper-sexualized pop-punk, which has kept her in that spotlight for two decades. Now feminist icon/performance artist/musician Peaches is celebrating its release, stopping by Plaza Live in Orlando for the Teaches of Peaches Tour, performing every song from the album. While never fully on the mainstream radar (look up her songs and you’ll know why), Peaches has managed to carve out a path for herself where it’s hard to give her a simple description. Equal parts rock, electronic, art, and full feminism, Peaches throws out everything that makes middle America uncomfortable.

She took to the stage as an “old lady” wearing a vagina hat and boob slippers, humorously alluding to how old the album is. Stripping off the old lady costume, she launched into “Set it Off”. Peaches and her scantily clad band members were non-stop energy. There were several costume changes, including a one-piece with the words “Thank God for Abortion”. While a non-stop burlesque/concert/dance party, Peaches remained in control, climbing on top of the crowd and standing like a conqueror while performing.

Even though the evening was all fun and games, Peaches proves she still has a lot to say, being just as relevant now in a climate of rising sexual repression. There are enough pop acts out there throwing out a sexualized image. Thankfully we still have Peaches providing a subversive voice that will challenge the listener. Yes, Peaches still has lots of teaches to teach us.


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