The Backseat Lovers return with new single “Growing/Dying”


Photo taken by Travis Bailey

Utah-based Indie-Rock band, 
The Backseat Lovers, released their new single “Growing/Dying” on Friday, which was their first release in almost two years. With their global streams now in excess of 370 million, it’s no surprise that the band are back with another hit. The track feature some killer guitar riffs, which are complemented by frontman, Joshua Harmon’s soft vocals. The band have had multiple runs of sold-out UK shows, including two London shows at Electric Brixton and The Social, as well as performing at multiple huge US music festivals.  

While speaking about ”Growing/Dying” and their upcoming album Waiting To Spill the band said:

When We Were Friends was our first attempt at making an album, and it was essentially recording one song, selling some t-shirts at a show the next month, and being able to record another song. Upon finishing it, we were quickly filled with a strong desire to make something that really flowed together, with each song intentionally placed, creating a cohesion that spans the whole record. Overall though, Waiting to Spill really feels like a continuation, the next chapter of our lives.”

The band released a special hand-drawn, animated video to compliment their great new track, which we have linked below for you to check out!

The Backseat Lovers second studio album Waiting To Spill will be released on Friday 28 October and is available to preorder here. 

Keep up with The Backseat Lovers: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website


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