Gold Spectacles makes social awkwardness infectious in new song


London-based “baroque pop” duo Gold Spectacles has achieved quite a bit in the three years they’ve been making music. Their 2019 self-titled debut album garnered attention from radio outlets such as BBC 6 Music and also wound up on notable Spotify playlists, including Chill Vibes and All New Indie. However, it was during the pandemic that the pair really found their footing in songwriting and production, working with noteworthy artists and producers such as Fraser T Smith and Mysie. Their latest single, “Social Graces,” makes it easy to see what all the fuss is about.

To be completely transparent: when I first began listening to “Social Graces,” I wasn’t totally sold. The :24 seconds mark hit and it got a little more interesting with a nice high harmony, but the real turnaround was when the chorus entered the picture. All in one fell swoop I was intrigued and wanting to hear it again: “But every time we meet I-I-I forget my social graces/ You just think I’m being rude” There’s so much that catches the ear: the rhythmic phrasing of the word “I,” the lovely harmonization, the perfect syncopation and rhyming scheme of the lyrics. Not to mention the sentiment of the song is highly relatable to anyone who has ever felt socially awkward and unable to express themselves.

Hear all of the melodic discomfort for yourself below.

You can listen to “Social Graces” on platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

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