Rose Betts shares heartfelt debut album ‘White Orchids’


UK singer/songwriter Rose Betts is back and has released her highly anticipated new debut album White Orchids. The inspiration for the album title White Orchids comes from a chapter in The Great Gatsby, where a character was described as a white orchid. They symbolize innocence and purity. Orchids can’t support themselves, and are thrown away after they bloom. To Rose, White Orchids is about a loss of innocence, a moment of pure youth were she got her heart broken. She wrote the song “White Orchids” about a bloom of youth in her life. About innocence, how fragile it is, a fleeting moment, something that only blooms once. Rose describes her new song  “Recovery” as her most personal song to date, inspired by the messy end of a relationship. Rose had previously released “Song To The Siren” as part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

My album ‘White Orchids’ has within it every shade of who I am, from the fierce days, to the low days, from the mornings I wake up happy to the one’s I wake up longing for something I lost. I have not hidden from the listener this time. If someone finds something of themselves within this project that would be a magical and precious thing. I hope ‘White Orchids’ can be a landscape they can take a stroll through, get lost in, be surprised and elated by and that for their brief time inside the songs they can feel, even for just a moment, free.”

The album is brilliant and such a fantastic debut from Rose. It’s everything you want from a debut album. The album as a whole has a lot of meaning to Rose and its apparent in every song. Each song is unique in its own way and shows just how vast Rose’s songwriting ability is. Each song on the album touches on subjects of heartbreak, loss of innocence, happy days, and the sad days. It fully represents Rose and how she is always growing. She wrote and co-produced the entire album. She is a brilliant musician through and through. She makes music that not only means something to her but can mean something to others too. Standout tracks from White Orchids include the piano driven ballad “Recovery”, the upbeat “Driving Myself Home”, (which has since has over 2 million streams and 5 million Tik Tok views), as well as “Ruins”. The album as a whole is a standout and one that you definitely need to listen to all the way through on your next nighttime drive. Rose’s angelic vocals really come through on this record and it is some of her best work to date. This album deserves to be nominated for all the awards.  Rose is a true star and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Listen to Rose’s debut album White Orchids here!




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