Lexi Jayde conquers a breakup with “hate to be you”



Watch out — there’s another young pop star breaking through in a big way over the horizon. After the rousing success of her latest  single, last month’s “drunk text me”, nineteen-year-old Lexi Jayde has unveiled its follow-up with “hate to be you”.

“hate to be you” is a driving, jagged breakup anthem that seems destined to hit big on TikTok. It moves like the indie-rock revival we’ve heard in recent years (think Soccer Mommy or Clairo) but there’s a delightfully angry energy that carries the track that brings to mind 90s forebearers like Alanis MorrisetteLexi seems unstoppable right now, and we should prepare for this track to dominate the airwaves for the year to come. Stream “hate to be you” here.



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