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Inhaler brought some serious energy to The Basement East in Nashville on March 5. The Irish rockers seem to have taken a liking to the Music City (visiting for the second time in a year) and it certainly showed on stage. The guys are touring their debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, across North America with Nashville being just the second show of the tour. The venue was every bit as sold out as you can get with a great response from the Tennessee crowd.

Getting the show started was Junior Mesa. The Bakersfield, California native made his first ever appearance in Nashville and brought his band along for the journey. It was an uncommon opening set with a lot of instrumental experimentation. It’s hard to put a label on just what kind of sound Junior Mesa is going for, but it seems like that’s how he wants it to be. The guys had a lot of fun on stage and it made for a nice opening set.

Junior Mesa

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At 9 p.m. local time, it was time for Inhaler. The band hit the stage with the album title track “It Won’t Always Be Like This.” They would go on to play a 13-song setlist with 10 songs coming from the debut album. The band brought an incredibly tight sound that you would expect from a veteran band, even though they formed in 2016. There was never a dull moment in the set with high points in each stage. It was capped off with a mosh pit-forming performance of the hit single “My Honest Face.” Safe to say if you weren’t at The Basement East in Nashville on Saturday, you were missing out.


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Photos and Words by Andrew Herner (@andrewhernerphoto)

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