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Recommended Tracks: “EVERYBODY DIES,” “Know It All,” “Sorry Mom,” “Just A Phase”
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The Band CAMINO is a Tennessee-based indie rock group made up of Garrison Burgess, Jeffrey Jordan, and Spencer Stewart. After forming in 2015 on the campus of Memphis University, the band put out their first EP “My Thoughts On You” in 2016. Since then, they’ve continually pushed themselves to put out music that’s personal, relatable, and fun to play live.

Their new eponymous record dropped this past Friday. The album thematically focuses on finding a way to who you feel you are supposed to be and where you feel you are most yourself. I believe it is apt to be self titled because it’s a reflection on the lives of the band members, and it also manages to be meaningful for their fans.

The album opens on “EVERYBODYDIES,” which without listening sounds pretty depressing. However, it’s really an anthem saying that even when you get stuck in your head or everybody’s expectations are weighing on you, ultimately it’s up to you what you choose to do. It feels like taking YOLO and putting it in skate shoes and a flannel. The song is a good indicator for the album’s focus on struggling with indecision, especially serving as a reminder that sometimes you have to just make a choice. There’s no perfect timing, noted with “I’ll be waiting for forever if I’m waiting for a better day,” and there isn’t always a good or bad option. If you stay in stasis, then you’re dead without ever dying.

“Roses” and “Just A Phase” touch on the idea of hyperfixation on the things that are wrong with your life. The former song encourages people to get out and stop focusing on the negatives around them. The latter is the helpless pit that comes with being surrounded by so many people who don’t understand the struggle of not knowing who you’re supposed to be or what comes next. All fourteen tracks are a tug-of-war internal monologue, and it feels very human.

The album also features a lot of introspection on self-destructive behaviors, which is especially evident with the surface-level catchy “1 Last Cigarette.” It’s fun to nod to the incisive guitar-heavy riffs, but it’s also sad to think about fueling your life with empty times while all you can do is fulfill the prophecy of bad endings and more depressed feelings. The behaviors may seem superficial, but that’s what humans do to cope: “I try to laugh my life off, but lately it’s not funny.” Another self-destructive behavior that’s mentioned is technological obsession, noted on “Look Up.” It’s pleading, imploring people to seek validation from real human connection rather than the superficiality of online interaction. The track prizes anonymity, a common theme from the band’s dealings with their own recognition.

“Who Do You Think You Are” is about the loneliness the band has felt with fame. It’s nostalgia for a simpler, less performative life, evident with “how did you get so far way from who you thought you’d be at 17?” I love the brief dropout of the levels of production and the focus on a sole voice. “Sorry Mom” takes that glimpse of acoustic vibe and runs with it. It really strikes me that the song is sung in such a juxtaposed way to the lyrics. You can tell that all the things seemingly casually listed are actually things that are wrapped in varying levels of anguish and self-deprecation. The most impactful line from the album is in this song, but I won’t spoil it – you should listen for yourself! It hurt my feelings!

“Get It Your Way” seems like an agitated response of coming to terms with a former relationship, romantic or otherwise. Although listeners can speculate, I think it’s good that the band decided not to make it more obvious. Initially, I found it a bit unremarkable for a closer to the album, but while listening the first time I still thought it would be good for background listening. I think that in itself is a testament to The Band CAMINO’s consistency. Even when they aren’t going heavy or all out they still manage to create music that makes people want to listen.

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