Mont Duamel shines on with double singles “Sunshine” and “New Light”


Mathieu Jomphe Lepine, aka Mont Duamel, is one of the most prolific producers in the business.  Having worked with the likes of Madonna, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande, Duamel knows his way around the pop world, which translates into his own music.  He made his debut last year with Find Myself, an album containing seven personal tracks that translate all that goes on in his mind.  Continuing to let us in, Duamel gives us two new singles that are claimed to be his deepest yet.

On the first track, “Sunshine,” Mont Duamel puts together an iridescent mix of electronic and acoustic elements.  As they give way to his fervent vocals, we are drawn to the lyrics, which focus on guiding someone through a tough time.  About the track, Duamel explains, “It’s about someone who’s going through a difficult time and you can feel every part of it when you’re with them.  Letting them know that they’re going to be okay on the other side but they first have to push through to be able to see the light of a better day. Having faith in the unknown.

Equally compelling is the second track, “New Light.”  Though more electronic and upbeat than “Sunshine,” the track still manages to tap into our feelings.  Its atmospheric feel rejuvenates the soul, dispelling any hard emotions that linger.  You can easily sense the excitement that Mont Duamel felt while creating it, which was all a part of the plan.  He shares, “It’s one of those songs that came to life really quickly.  I had just bought this new guitar pedal called Blooper and this is the very first thing I recorded with it.  I felt this rush of excitement making it and wanted to capture that ethereal vibe I felt right away.  I finished the song the next day.  This rarely happens but it’s one of the best feelings when songs come to life so effortlessly.

You can listen to “Sunshine” and “New Light” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Mont Duamel:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website


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