Nessa Barrett Releases Dramatic New Song “if u love me”


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Nessa Barrett continues to make a name for herself at only 18 years old. She’s new to the music scene having only released her debut song “Pain” in July which has over 20 million audio and video streams. Her social media following is growing each day with over 16 million followers and an ever growing devoted fanbase to support her. You can tell she truly bares her soul in her music. She is also a huge advocate for mental health awareness as she openly shares her own journey dealing with anxiety and bipolar disorder with her fans.  She is truly an authentic person and you can see that in her music. Nessa hopes that her music can connect with people around the world and help them be true to themselves like she is. In a world that is taken over by the power of social media and just how toxic it can be, Nessa’s music speaks to so many young girls who rely and social media, and she hopes to uplift them.


Nessa is set to release her new single “if u love me” which is an emotional and dramatic song, and almost a revenge anthem in a way.  It’s a brilliant track which really showcases Nessa’s range and versatility in her music. It really gives us a glimpse into what she has in store for us and just who she really is. Not only is she releasing new music but she also has a video series coming out on Refinery 29, Elle, and  Cosmo, so be sure to check those out as well as her new song “if u love me”!  We can’t wait to hear what Nessa has in store!


Listen to the new single here!


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