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New to the music scene are Liverpool based group Courting, who have only been releasing for around a year in their current lineup. As a band, they try not to define their sound with any one genre and really want to explore every style they can. With their group name ‘Courting’ inspired by one of the band member’s nans constant obsession over whether they were ‘courting’, they thought it would be a humorous choice that also honoured their nan.

The group are all incredibly passionate about music, telling me that there is a lot of enjoyment to be had in their own artistic expression and being able to show how you feel about anything in a digestible way. “We genuinely enjoy what we do, playing together and just want to keep writing music so it keeps us working and moving forward.” Being in a band has also shown such a great community surrounding them, with many local artists talking and working along with them despite how they may be on different paths in sound.

Their latest release is single ‘Football’, written when one of the members couldn’t sleep awaiting exam results. In Liverpool, Football has a substantial cultural presence and this really took off within the lyricism of the release to have a greater depth and substance than just football. This track is the first of a few more releases the group have lined up for later this year.

 “The inspiration comes from seeing parents trying to live out their dreams through their children despite what their children want to do, whether this is for the money or just ego. Alongside this, though it’s not really meant to be a critique but more of an ode towards how huge the sport is in the UK, and a bit of a chant. It’s up to the listener if you want to delve deeper and consider the positive and negative implications of this collective obsession.”

Inspired mostly by artists live shows along with tracks to back up that energy, they really try to portray the same sound in their releases as you’d get in a room full of thousands hearing it live. Seeing the reactions from the crowd also pushes them to go further, enjoying any reaction they can receive whether it be moshing, shocked, or simply confused. Watching local bands on the scene also reminds them they need to keep pushing to reach higher goals and play larger venues, but the group are playing Castle in Manchester on February the 6th and Headlining Phase One on March 28 and would love to see some friendly faces at the dates.

Their favourite show so far was a tricky choice between Feet, Heavy Lungs, and Sports Team, however it seems one possibly came out on top: The Sports Team gig was immense though, we’ve never had a crowd get into our music so much. When the people in the audience really get into the performance, it just makes you want to make the show even better for them – especially when we tend to get into the crowd in our shows.”

Photo courtesy of Maisie Delaney

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