WhoHurtYou Make Official Debut with “Wish We Never Met”


Over the years, we have come to know Jack Barakat as the outspoken, fun-loving guitarist from All Time Low.  Recently, however, Jack has taken on a newer, darker identity.  Earlier this week, he posted about a new side project that he has been working on for the past year with his friend, Kevin Fisher.  They call themselves, WhoHurtYou, aka WHY.

Music tends to be a healthy, cathartic form of expression for people going through hard times, which is exactly how this project began.  Jack stated, “We wrote these songs to help us cope with our relationships and breakups.  We’ve spent the last year pouring our hearts into the music.  Each song represents a different stage of breakup grief.”

The duo just released their first official single, “Wish We Never Met.”  The pop track is about wishing that you hadn’t met the person who is now known as your “ex.”  The post-breakup process can be so much of a struggle sometimes that you start having regrets about meeting this person in the first place.  You cannot tolerate any feelings that you still have for that person, good or bad, so it seems like the best way to deal is to imagine that they were never in your life at all.  You can watch this idea play out in the music video below.

In the end, the boys hope that the music they release through this project will be able to help others, just like it helped them.  I am sure that it will, as this single reassures others who feel the same way about their exes that they are not alone.  Sometimes we might not get all the answers we need to help us move on, but just knowing that other people feel how you feel can be comforting.

You can listen to “Wish We Never Met” on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with WhoHurtYou:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website



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