Spencer Sutherland Announces Release Date and Title of Debut EP


It’s on it’s way!

Spencer Sutherland just announced via Instagram his first EP, titled NONE of this has been about you. The EP is set to be released March 15th on Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music. While his latest single that carries the same name is sure to be on the track listing, it’s exciting to consider what else might make an appearance.

Spencer had been releasing one single per year since 2015, until 2018, where he released three: “Talk,” breakout hit “Tell Me,” and “Fine.” We’re only two months into 2019 and we have two so far: “Sweater,” and “NONE of this has been about you.” When you factor in the occasional acoustic and a cappella version of a song, we’re already at eleven possible tracks.

There’s more possible contenders!

I had the fortune of attending Spencer Sutherland’s New York City show on his recent headlining tour. While my numbers could be off, I believe I counted four to six times I heard “This one’s unreleased” before a song. One of those songs was the title track, but the rest are still unknown. The sum is fourteen to sixteen possible tracks on the new EP.

While I’ve previously written that the title track is one of my least favorite songs from Spencer, I’m excited to see what other new material and old favorites are going to be released in less than a month.

If you don’t know Spencer Sutherland, here are a couple more videos to get you up to speed. If you do, what tracks do you think are going to appear? To everyone: pre-save the album here.


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