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I got to chat with Indoor Pets frontman Jamie Glass about the band’s first US show next week, their upcoming album, and more!

Melodic Mag: How do you guys feel about playing your first  U.S. show?

Jamie Glass: It feels like we’re at that point in the film of our lives where there is a montage of us in the US, playing shows and driving across the desert whilst we rapidly progress towards being the biggest band in the universe.

MM: The show is at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. What are some of your favorite NYC-based artists?

JG: I have always been enamored with Blondie (“Parallel Lines” has got to be one of the best albums of all time) so they would be at the top of my list. Closely followed by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beastie Boys. Great artists that inspire me in utterly different ways.

MM: How did you come up with the name “Indoor Pets”? 

JG: It felt simple and effective. We see ourselves as people that often fear the outside. We have become domesticated and don’t really know what to do when confronted with the elements. It just made sense to us.

MM: You signed with Wichita Recordings this summer. How have things changed, are you approaching songwriting and producing any differently?

JG: We intentionally haven’t changed a thing. Wichita are one of those label that sign you because they believe in your vision rather than using you as a malleable object that can be warped into their own vision. They want us to be ourselves and that what we’re continuing to do. They’re mad.

MM: Your band Twitter and Instagram accounts are pretty comedic. Do you find that helps you connect with fans better?

JG: Ha! I’m not sure. If anything my weirdness probably alienates a whole bunch of people. But I just can’t do things any other way. We don’t like to take ourselves that seriously when it comes to “content” because it’s a fickle element of being an artist. If we’re going to have to post daily about ourselves, we might as well have some fun with it.

MM: Speaking of comedic and things out of the ordinary, how did the idea for the “All My Friends” video come about?

JG: We worked on the idea of feeling like the class clown that has watched everyone mature around them. There’s a fine line between growing up or growing bored and we felt like a clown was a perfect example of that annoying friend that doesn’t quite fit in with your lifestyle anymore. I am that clown. I think I’m okay with that too actually. Marriage sounds terrifying and don’t get me started on procreating! 

MM: Between music videos and designs, it seems that the band has a lot of creativity besides songwriting/composing. The hands-on approach to everything is something you don’t see too often and definitely distinguishes your band from others. What made you all decide to do that? Additionally, what are some creative ideas you’ve wanted to test out?

JG: We initially did everything out of necessity. We didn’t have any money and making our own visuals/assets was the only way to worm our way into the industry. Then when we started having the option of relieving the workload onto others, we realised that we’re massive control freaks and decided to keep doing it anyway!

MM: What’s your favorite band that you’ve toured with? What about your dream band or artist to tour with?

JG: We once had the privilege of playing some shows with PUP. They are a Canadian band that we’ve been mad about since their first album and are desperate to play more shows with them. They’re a perfect inspiration for us and completely destroy with their live show.

MM: Can you talk a bit about the writing process for your new album, “Be Content?” (Out 3/8/19 via Wichita Records)

JG: It was a long process that took about 4 years to get to a certain point. Then (with Wichita getting onboard) suddenly all came together in a matter of weeks. The album is a strange mix of brand new songs and tracks that we’d be saving for years. But all the songs fit perfectly into the theme of the album. “Be Content” is a therapy session for me. It’s filled with my deep lying neuroticism and self hatred and presented through catchy pop music. Although the lyrics can often be dark, we wanted to deliver them in a form of celebration. These traits are human and the sooner i accept that it’s okay to feel like that, the sooner I can find a way to be content. Selfishly it’s all about me. But I hope that others can relate too. We’re all too harsh on ourselves.

MM: Finally, what are the band’s plans for the rest of 2019?

JG: Tour Tour Tour Tour Tour! We want to play as many shows as possible so we can finally share this album with the world. I can sleep in 2020.

Keep up with Indoor Pets: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Spotify // Website


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