Live Review: Christina Aguilera Enchants Atlanta With Liberation Tour


Fox Theatre: Atlanta, GA

From soaring through the clouds in a raging storm to exploring a castle with several hidden truths, the ‘Liberation’ tour takes Atlanta on a mesmerizing adventure.

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It truly has been more than a decade since Christina Aguilera has performed in the Atlanta area, but all was forgiven this past Sunday as she took her fans on an amazing journey.

The ‘Liberation’ tour captivated the Atlanta audience with its amazing storytelling. As the night commenced, the Fox Theatre soared through the clouds in a raging thunderstorm with the aid of a cinematic video and stage lights.  Almost being mistaken for thunder, the venue erupted into cheer as the Pop Icon Christina Aguilera made her grand entrance wearing an extravagant red ruffled dress. Starting the night with “Maria,” Aguilera’s vocals soared through the theatre as fans stared in awe.

As the stage began shifting into mysterious woods, dancers dressed in kimonos enclosed the singer later revealing both her and the first outfit change of the night. Updating the sound with a darker tone, Christina performed one of her classics: “Genie in a Bottle.” Despite being a 19 year old song, the new sound was refreshing while still nostalgic at the same time.

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The night consisted of several, beautiful video interludes that would transition the venue from one setting to another. As the words, “The Queen Is Back,” flashed on the screen, Aguilera appeared on her grand throne as  she welcomed the audience to her castle. With the easily recognizable intro, the singer performed “Dirrty,” as once again the crowd went wild with excitement. As the dancers showcased impressive choreography, Christina slayed with the vocals as the dancers surrounded her.

Approaching the true highlight of the night, the singer took the time to have a heart to heart with the crowd. As she looked out to the crowd with a huge smile, “I want to thank you for your love and patience, its been a while,” and goes on to say, “The stage has always been my home since I was 7,” and accepted with a grand applause from the crowd, “I will never leave you.”  The singer talks on for quite a bit, as the crowd goes into silence (with an occasional “I LOVE YOU,” from an excited fan) as they take in every single word. Revealing to the audience that she just needed to be herself, leading to a beautiful and emotional performance of “Keep On Singin’ My Song.”

Performing her newest lead single, “Accelerate,” both Christina and her dancers crawl and slither against each other on a massive dining table as fans danced off in the nearby distance. Keeping the hype, Christina performed fan favorites such as “Lady Marmalade,” and “Ain’t No Other Man.” While showcasing amazing vocals, Christina’s charisma shined as she interacted and giggled with both the crowd and the dancers.

The ‘Liberation’ tour teleported the audience into a storybook filled with so much beauty and excitement. With only one more show remaining at the Mahaffey Theatre, one can only hope that Christina Aguilera will be back soon. There is no denying that Christina is one of the best voices of this generation, let’s hope the next tour will be within a decade.

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