J Balvin Teleports Atlanta To The Jurassic Period


Infinite Energy Center: Atlanta, GA

With the Vibras Tour coming to an end this past Sunday, Melodic Magazine was able to attend J Balvin’s third-to-last show this past Friday in Atlanta, GA.

As the venue floor filled up with walking dinosaurs, fans danced the night away as they waited for the show to start. Just like any reggaeton concert, Friday’s show was no exception to the late start. Starting right at 10 PM, the wait was worth it. With a funny, informational video: the video informed the crowd to clap their hands, yell to the fullest, and to shake their booties. Although once the curtain dropped, the crowd was fully aware of the rules as they shouted throughout the arena.

A huge, inflatable T-rex took center stage as J Balvin rose through the stage floor. Color-coordinating with the red dinosaur, the singer started the night with a fan favorite “Machika.” As the crowd went wild, more dinosaurs joined the stage as they danced along to the music. Constantly interacting with the dinosaurs and the crowd, it became clear why J Balvin is one of the hottest Latin pop stars in America. With so much passion and excitement, the reggaeton star kept everyone on their feet as the night progressed.

As the show continued, it was hard not to be in awe with the constant changing of the set. From palm trees to the mouth of a dinosaur, every single change brought several new surprises. As the night consisted of dancing dinosaurs and cavemen, the light work was absolutely spectacular as well. As fireworks and several lasers bursted throughout the night, it became clear that J Balvin and his team definitely know how to put on arena show.

Constantly interacting and thanking his fans as the show went on, J Balvin got closer to his fans when he appeared on the b stage (located on the other side of the arena). Performing the hit “Downtown,” he sang into the crowd and later brought up two fans from the crowd. Dancing along with the two fans, both the crowd and J Balvin laughed as the ladies fangirled.

Without any dull moments, the night was filled with nonstop action. The Vibras Tour was indeed filled with different vibes as the singer channeled both new and old songs throughout the night. There is no denying the massive star power that J Balvin displays as he dominates the stage. Knowing that the Vibras Tour is officially over, fans must wait for the next time J Balvin comes back to Atlanta. For this show was absolutely amazing, we can only imagine what the future will hold.

Check out images from the show down below! Did you attend the Vibras Tour? Let us know your favorite moments down below in the comments.

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