ALBUM REVIEW: Boston Manor // Welcome To The Neighbourhood


By Lauren Armao

Release Date: September 7th, 2018
Recommended Tracks: Bad Machine, Halo, England’s Dreaming, Welcome To The Neighbourhood,
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After pressing play on the first track from Boston Manor’s new album, “Welcome To The Neighbourhood”, it’s clear that the English pop-punk band has definitely grown up a bit since their last (and first-ever) full-length, 2016’s “Be Nothing” – a power-charged album that packed energy, excitement, and emotion into 10 hard-hitting tracks. The Boston Manor we hear on their sophomore album Is a bit more moody, a bit more eerie and ambient, and a bit darker. The album’s carefully crafted aura reflects the band’s growth and change over the last few years, but fans shouldn’t worry – although “Welcome To The Neighbourhood” sounds quite different from “Be Nothing”, it’s still a fantastic listen.

With the full album dropping on September 7th, the band have already released two standout singles from the album each with their own music video accompaniment. The first single, “Halo”, is one of my personal favorite tracks from the album and is sure to be a live favorite on tour with a catchy, banging riff and memorable lyrics. “Bad Machine”, another favorite of mine, has a very ominous, dark vibe to it with moody, heavy riffs.

In the title track and opening number, “Welcome To The Neighbourhood”, synths and guitars collide to create an eerie and haunting track that sets the mood of the album. This record was somewhat of a concept album, focused on a fictionalized version of their hometown, Blackpool. “In the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s,” explains [vocalist] Henry Cox, “Blackpool was this booming town. It was a holiday destination, a place where you can go to forget all your troubles and now things here are so fucked up – there are huge drug problems and a 40 per cent unemployment rate in the winter. It was once this beautiful thing and it’s become a little bit broken.” The album’s overall forlorn, dark tones highlight this. Other standout tracks include “England’s Dreaming”, “Digital Ghost”, and “The Day I Ruined Your Life”.

Overall, “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” is a stellar, progressive follow-up to “Be Nothing” and is definitely worth more than a few listens.

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Boston Manor is Henry Cox (vocals), Mike Cunniff (guitar), Ash Wilson (guitar), Dan Cunniff (bass), and Jordan Pugh (drums).


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