LIVE REVIEW: Taylor’s Reputation Soars In Mercedes-Benz Stadium


With a two-night stand at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Taylor Swift brought her highly anticipated Reputation Tour to Atlanta. If for some reason you have been living under a rock, or not keeping up with the Pop Star, let me inform you of why the Reputation Tour is arguably the best show of 2018.

Setting the bar high for when it comes to Stadium tours, Taylor’s show had every little thing you could imagine for a concert: fireworks, water, snakes, and honestly, the list goes on for quite a bit.

As fog consumed a stage that was built for a superstar, the Grammy-winning singer started the night with “…Ready For It?” With impressive choreography and massive stage presence, Taylor Swift took full control of the stage as fans danced and sang along. With a strong introduction, the vibe for Atlanta’s first show revealed to be action-packed, which held to be true as the night progressed.

Constantly smiling, the singer continued the show with hits from her latest album such as “I Did Something Bad” and “Gorgeous.” With solid performances of her newer songs, Swift took us back into the 1989 era with “Style.” while transitioning into a recognizable melody of “Love Story.” As Taylor performed her classic hit, the audience sang along in unison. With so much love for Taylor’s past songs, the old Taylor will forever have a spot in everyone’s heart. Ending the throwback days with “You Belong With Me,” Tiffany Haddish appeared on the big screen to inform everyone that the old Taylor can’t come to phone, “Because she’s dead!”

Bringing the crowd back to 2018, Taylor took full control of her so called new reputation with her lead single “Look What You Made Me Do.” At this point, the Pop Superstar kept impressing everyone with the high production value.  With an over-the-top performance filled with impressive light work, choreography, and a giant snake (yep, you read that right: a GIANT snake), the confident singer dominated every single moment. Born for the spotlight, it became very hard to resist the greatness of Taylor Swift. Performing to nearly 70,000 people, there’s no denying that the Pop star knows how to put on a show.

Despite having performed in a massive stadium with thousands of people, Taylor Swift did an amazing job in making such a huge show feel very intimate. With her latest album having a release date of 2017, Swift transformed each song on the setlist, making it seem like you were hearing it for the very first time. With unique live versions and medleys of past hits, each single moment of the show was indeed a pleasant surprise. The singer constantly interacted with the audience by informing them of her interactions with them, and how she’s been thankful for all their support these past years throughout her impressive career. A key intimate moment: Swift embraced and touched several fans as she walked from one stage to another. As she slowly walked through the aisle, it was clear that Taylor was on a mission to interact with every single person who was within her path, causing several fans to burst with joyful tears.

This is for sure a show you don’t want to miss. Every single moment is filled with wonderful surprises, and Taylor Swift will constantly keep you on your feet. Check out some of the images of the Atlanta show down below!

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With only a few more shows left for the month of August, it’s highly advised you get some tickets. In the meanwhile, check the setlist for the Atlanta show down below!

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