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Do you like indie/pop music? Have you ever experienced a messy relationship? Then you should listen to Lovergirl! She released a single a few months ago called “Coastlines.”, and is due to release another this coming Friday. Yesterday, we had a chance to chat with this upcoming LA-based artist about her music and plans for the future:

Melodic (Hannah): How long have you been involved in music? Is Lovergirl a new avenue for you?
Lovergirl: I’ve been in music for a long time, but only very seriously in the last two years. I was trained vocally in choirs as a kid, [and] raised on everything from Van Halen to whatever Asian artists my mom was listening to, but I lost my love for music until the last few years. I was previously in a band that brought my hope back for a musical career, and upon my breaking apart from them, my old band members (and still very close friends) are the ones who pushed me to pursue my music as Lovergirl – as well as the people who have since helped me on my path to putting together what Lovergirl is today. This is the solo project I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Melodic (Hannah): How would you describe your sound?
Lovergirl: I never really know how to answer this question- or rather, I do, but I feel like remaining in a specific box isn’t the place my music will remain. Ultimately I am a pop artist, with a lot of r&b and funk influences. I like the concept of pop as an umbrella term that can branch into subgenres and reach out to different audiences. I love heavy bass lines, fun beats, and encapturing lyrics. My producer, Ben Story, has helped me bring this all to fruition.

Melodic (Hannah): Your songs tend to have themes of troubled relationships; are they written from personal experience?
Lovergirl: Absolutely. I think I’m going to be writing about sex and sadness and love – romantic and platonic – for a very long time. I’ve messed up a lot of relationships in my life, other people have messed up a lot, substances and poor mental health have messed up a lot, and I have a lot to say about it. Sometimes I’m angry, but mostly, I’m reminiscing. Everyone who has come into my life has a specific place in my heart that never leaves, and no matter how wronged I am by them, there will always be a part of me that feels or even romanticizes what has or could have been. I love too much, too quick, too fast. Thus, Lovergirl.

Melodic (Hannah): You have a new single coming out this Friday called “Santa Barbara”; what can you tell me about it?
Lovergirl: That’s a big question for sure. To put it as simply as I can without getting into the nitty gritty details, it’s about a lust or love that comes at an inconvenient time. Someone you can find yourself falling into, but the cards just aren’t right, the time isn’t there, and yet you keep coming back to it or holding onto that little sliver of hope. Lust? More? Who f***ing knows… But it’s there. A friend of mine said Santa Barbara made her “mourn a fling she never even had,” and I feel like that’s a good interpretation of it.

Melodic (Hannah): What are your plans for the foreseeable future regarding music? Any new music or shows?
Lovergirl: Shows are a work in progress. I just played my first set for the Valley Muses series in Granada Hills, CA a couple weeks ago, and a few more shows are in the works. September/October are when I’m going to kick all that into gear. I want to be fully ready for it. As far as music goes, the goal is to have a body of work out near the end of the year; a mixtape, rather than an EP or album. I have it all written out and we’re going to be working on it over these next few months. You’ll definitely (hopefully!) be seeing a lot more from me very soon.

Listen to Coastlines. by Lovergirl and watch out for her next single, Santa Barbara on Friday, July 27.

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