KCON 2018 LA Is Almost Here!


It’s almost August, so that means KCON LA is near!! So many amazing, Korean acts will be coming to perform at the Staples Center this upcoming month.

With such a huge line up this year, I’ve decided to write about who I’m excited to see and what we can probably expect from this year’s KCON LA concert!

TWICE: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the most excited to see Twice. With such a recent summer comeback, we can definitely expect the girls to perform their latest hit “Dance The Night Away.” Debuted in 2015, this group of 9 has only giving us hits after hits. With catchy lyrics and memorable choreography, it’s very hard to dislike Twice. Showing both growth and improvement throughout the years, Twice will indeed be a highlight in this year’s KCON LA. With a repertoire filled with so many hits, I’m sure we can expect to hear some fan favorites like “Likey,” “Signal,” and “What Is Love?”

Wanna One: Recently finishing the North American Leg of their “One: The World” Tour, Wanna One will be making a stop at this year’s event. This 11-piece group will when your heart with their charisma and impressive talent. Debuting in 2017, thanks to season two of Produce 101, this boy group quickly won over the hearts of many across the world. Constantly working hard, Wanna One has released four mini albums filled with several hits in such a short period of time. If anything like their current tour, the South Korean boy group will own the stage this upcoming August. We will have a chance to hear several of their hits, and hopefully, performances from their sub-unit groups.

Chung Ha: Going off the Produce 101 train, Chung Ha has recently given us a true summer hit and will for sure kill it on stage this year. With solid hits since debuting last year, it’s pretty clear that the 22 year old will have a promising career. With both amazing vocals and dancing skills, Chung Ha is the true definition of a performer. If anything, I highly expect that several will talk about her once the event is over since she has been doing very well in the music scene.

Seventeen: For sure one of the highly anticipated groups of this year’s line up, this 13 member group is know for their talent and creativity. Seventeen has currently blessed their fans with a recent comeback of their fifth mini album: You Make My Day. With the recent comeback and an anticipated live performance of “Oh My!” Seventeen will for sure win the hearts of many at this year’s event. Seventeen is known as a “Self-producing” group for all their hands on work when it comes to music. With two studio albums and five mini albums, Seventeen will for sure have us begging for more.

With so many acts coming this August, KCON LA will for sure be memorable. Tell us down below who you are most excited to see! In the mean while, check out our KCON LA 2018 Playlist to get a small taste of what to expect next month at KCON LA!

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