ONES TO WATCH: Vans Warped Tour 2018


This is the final run of the infamous Vans Warped Tour that travels cross-country bringing pop-punk and alternative music to scene kids across the nation. This year, some of the headliners include The Used, Underoath, 3OH!3, All Time Low, and Mayday Parade. While the crowds are sure to be massive at these guy’s stage times, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten bands you need to catch on this final Warped Tour run.

#10 BAND: Waterparks
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: These Houston natives are coming up fast in the scene. They just released their second full-length album back in January of this year and it’s full of jams that are sure to be great played live. These guys are full of energy and are bound to give an entertaining performance for sure.
LISTEN: Stupid for You, Royal, and Blonde.


#9 BAND: Wage War
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Hailing from the land of A Day to Rememeber (Ocala, FL), these guys are carving their own path in the metalcore scene. Signed to Fearless Records in 2015, and two full-length albums under their belt, Wage War shouldn’t be passed up at any dates, if not for the just the simple fact that they play killer jams and have awesome mosh pits.
LISTEN: Stitch, Don’t Let Me Fade Away, Alive.


#8 BAND: As It Is
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: This British rock band has been slowly on the rise since their first record, Never Happy, Ever After released in early 2016. With their second record, Okay, putting them on a massive headlining tour, and the teasing of their upcoming third album in August this year, these guys are making huge headlines. Fun songs, great aesthetic, and front man,Patty Walters, knows how to entertain an audience.
LISTEN: Dial Tones, Hey Rachel, The Wounded World


#7 BAND: Sleep On It
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: July 10 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: While these guys just released their first studio album, Overexposed, in November of last year, they are already making waves by having State Champs front man Derek DiScanio on the lead single, Fireworks. I’ve seen them live already, and even though I knew none of the songs, they were so fun to watch. Great performers and I’m excited to see their pit now that they’ve grown some.
LISTEN: See You Around, Fireworks, A New Way Home.


#6 BAND: Real Friends
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Signed to Fearless Records and set to released their second full-length record, Composure, on July 13th, you don’t want to miss this set – especially if you’re in the mood to really get into your feelings. Known for their sad lyrics, but upbeat music, they perfectly define what pop-punk music is all about. Super fun sets and tons of audience interaction and participation is what you can expect during their set times.
LISTEN: I’ve Given Up On You, From the Outside, Mess.


#5 BAND: Tonight Alive
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: The Australian natives are fronted by none other that super talented female vocalist, Jenna McDougall. Jenna’s intense lyrics combined with the need to headbang to every song, make them a must-see live. High energy can be felt coming of Jenna in waves during the set and their impressive discography is just as good live as it is recorded.
LISTEN: World Away, Lonely Girl, Disappear.


#4 BAND: Four Year Stron
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to July 29
WHY WE LIKE THEM: These guys are a perfect mix of pop-punk and hardcore punk with two vocalists combining their contrasting, but harmonizing vocal styles. These guys are definitely not new to the game (they formed in 2001), but they got a bit of a slow start and I just feel like they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Amazing sets, great live performance, and mosh pits to die for are just a few reasons you shouldn’t miss them this summer.
LISTEN: We All Float Down Here, Go Down in History, Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die


#3 BAND: The Maine
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: While these Arizona natives aren’t necessarily new to the music scene,(11 years to be exact), I feel like they are still fighting to get attention at times. They’ve consistently changed up their style with every album and keeps things real, new, and all about the fans. Well known as just some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, they also happen to have some of the most fun and relatable songs that translate to an amazing live show.
LISTEN: Right Girl, Love & Drugs, Am I Pretty?


#2 BAND: Beartooth
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: July 19 to July 21
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Hailing from the land of pop-punk and Alternative Press (Columbus, OH), Beartooth are a hardcore punk band that have two incredible albums under their belts. Both Disgusting and Aggressive tackled real issues such as bullying, feeling alone, and fighting to get what you want making anthems out of every song. Their dark and intense writing style easily makes for a great show you won’t want to miss.
LISTEN: Hated, In Between, The Lines


#1 BAND: Every Time I Die
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: June 21 to August 5
WHY WE LIKE THEM: One of the biggest reasons this New York metalcore band is so popular is because they have intense and energetic live shows. They are currently on Epitaph Records and have eight records under their belts. Needless to say, if their expansive discography and live show status isn’t enough to make you want to see them, I don’t know what will.
LISTEN: It Remembers, Map Change, Fear and Trembling.


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