ALBUM REVIEW: Trash Panda // The Starclimber


By: Delanee Wilson

On February 9th, local Atlanta band, Trash Panda, released their debut LP, “The Starclimber”.

Trash Panda has been gaining traction over the past few years, with their consistent appearances in local Atlanta venues and output of quality music. With over 75,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 1.2 million plays on their top song, “Giuseppe”, this LP release was highly anticipated.

When listening to Trash Panda, you’ll realize that they aren’t restricted or defined by a single genre or style. “The Starclimber” totally amplifies this. Throughout the album, their experimental psych-rock sound takes on hints of funk, jazz, and R&B, with their groovy bass-lines and infectious beats. They really showcase their versatility throughout the LP – each track is different than the previous, yet they still find a way to be cohesive as a whole.

Tracks “Heartbreak Pulsar” and “Atlanta Girls”, both previously released as singles, are, in my opinion, two of the strongest tracks on the album. Lead vocalist Patrick Taylor really hits it hard in these songs. He makes you want to sing along – and trust me, you will.

Tracks “Sijah” and “No Control” are on the more experimental side, giving bassist Max Hewett and drummer Mitch Stanfield a time to shine. The boys really went all out on these tracks. They’re fun and exciting, and I can’t get enough of them.

Overall, Trash Panda really stepped up to the plate with their debut LP. Produced in their home studio they like to call the “tree house”, ‘The Starclimber” is a wonderful, well-made 10-track collection that I highly recommend to all. Keep an eye out to see what Trash Panda does next!

If you haven’t already, check out “The Starclimber” here:

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