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We watched her sing alongside the Jonas Brothers in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock, run the Seattle Grace halls in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, and even butt heads with the judge we love to hate, Simon Cowell. After some time in a treatment facility, she rose from the ground to show the world how strong she truly is. With two more albums, Unbroken and DEMI, she continued to share her story with the world. After some time off and a lot of writing, she is back and better than ever. With her fifth studio album, Confident, Demi Lovato is here to show the world that she is still a force to be reckoned with!

Lovato kicks the album off with the title track, Confident. The audience is immediately captivated by the horn-focused introduction. As the song progresses, we get to see a sexier side of Lovato as she is determined to no longer hold her freak back. Lovato begs the question, “What’s wrong with being confident” throughout the song, enticing her listeners to not be afraid to show their true self.

Not only is Cool For The Summer the first single from the fifth studio album, but is the first song of a new era for Ms. Lovato. We are immediately captivated by the delicate piano transforming into the perfect summer jam. Although music is open to many interpretations, this song seems to create the message: trying new things may seem scary, but we should all feel free to experiment to see what works for us.

The album continues with Old Ways and For You. Both of these songs begin with slow quiet vocals. Lovato seduces the audience as the songs build to hone in on Lovato’s impressive range and powerful vocals.

After the first couple tracks, you may thought you were going to have a moment to take off your dancing shoes, and catch your breath. You might not be dancing during this song, but as soon as you even begin to catch your breath, Lovato knocks it right out of you. Stone Cold starts out very somber, leading you to believe it was one of those “break out the tissues and cry into your pillow” kind of ballads. Sure, you may be crying, but it will be as you ascend into heaven after Lovato’s chilling and powerful vocals take you to church. I see many people able to connect with the heartbreak associated with trying to be happy as you watch the person you love love somebody else. For years, Lovato has talked about wanting to be up for a Grammy. With a song like this, Lovato might just be able to nab that Grammy nom!

The next two songs feature the only two collabs that Demi has on the album, Kingdom Come ft. Iggy Azalea and Waitin For You ft. Sirah. While we can appreciate Lovato’s strong vocals, and mesmerizing runs, both of these songs seem a bit disconnected from the album as a whole. Both tunes had some great moments, but they went in so many different directions that it became a little hard to follow. I would not go as far to say the features from both Azalea and Sirah ruined either of the songs, however, neither feature did much to add to the tracks.

Two stand out tracks on this album most definitely have to be Wildfire and LionheartWildfire is a very alluring and sexy jam, while Lionheart takes on a triumphant sound. Like in many of her other songs, Lovato continues to show the world the powerhouse we fell in love with.

Lovato wraps up Confident with the final two songs Yes and Father. Every tune on the album allowed Lovato to demonstrate the strength behind her voice, and these tunes are no exception. Yes is a song about sharing yourself, even the most vulnerable parts, with the person you love through the good and the bad. After a beautiful song about strong connections in love, Lovato slows things down for a tender moment. Apologizing for feelings of animosity, Lovato sings about a difficult relationship with a troubled soul. Father builds into a more triumphant sound, and then falls to leave the audience with a somber feeling.

Before the release of Confident, it had been over two years since Demi Lovato had last released an studio album. Her loyal fans, Lovatics, have been waiting patiently. After listening to this album a few times, I think that the Lovatics will find themselves very satisfied. In the past, Lovato has spoken very openly about the struggles in her life. Now, Lovato still continues to use her voice to inspire others, but she does not let her past define her. Lovato is back and better than ever, and her feelings of health, happiness, sexiness, and confidence really shine through the album as a whole.

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