Marianas Trench Share New Single “Wildfire”


Marianas Trench have shared a new single, “Wildfire”, from their upcoming release Astoria! The album is set to be released October 23 and can be preordered here!

Be sure to check out the release of “One Love” as well!

Check out Wildfire below and let us know what you think:

For the most up to date news on Marianas Trench, follow them below:

  1. […] “Wildfire” is the next track on the album, which may be another of my favorites. As soon as the band released the song last month, I was instantly hooked. In September of last year, Ramsay had stated he wanted this song (which was still in the works at the time) to be a metaphor for many different things – a metaphor so each listener may get a different interpretation of the meaning. This is something almost all songs do, but this was his main goal. With the chorus saying, “I thought this love would always burn like a wild fire,” is saying the love between these individuals would spread uncontrollably and flourish into something that was hard to put out. The song starts with “you say that you’re lost and need to find yourself / can’t do that with me but with somebody else.” Leading to The next stanza of “now you want me but what if your hearts a liar / cause if you change your mind again, I’ll burn like a wild fire,” still showing that he is willing to grow like a wild fire despite of everything that it is destroyed because of this metaphoric wildfire. The last metaphor of wildfire used in the song is when Ramsay sings “maybe our future is bright it burns like a wildfire,” giving once again, a different use of the metaphor – to me, showing that Ramsay is willing to look at the bright future of what he’s been through to hold on to the person he is with. […]


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