Mac Sabbath brings the Drive-Thru to Nashville’s Exit/In



On November 1, 2022 the unforgettable Mac Sabbath served Nashville Tennessee’s very own Exit/In a meal we will remember for years to come. Supporting Mac Sabbath on their 2022 Pop-Up-Drive-Thru Tour are bands Lung and Speedealer both of which prepped the crowd for the delicious night ahead.

Mac Sabbath was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2014. This four piece band consists of Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice, and Catburgular. They are most known for their Black Sabbath parodies that feature a twist about fast food. The lyrics not only fit perfectly, but their sound is simply music to our ears and is guaranteed to leave the fans craving more.

From the moment the band began setting up the stage, a giant “Mac Sabbath” banner displayed and the crowd began to stir. Fans were buzzing about some of their favorite moments of the band, how many times they have witnessed them live, one fan even saying it was a “ life changing experience” which to that I can absolutely agree.  Sabbath played some of their most popular tunes  including “Sweet Beef,” “Pair-a-buns” and “More Ribs” all of which the crowd effortlessly sang along to.  Throughout the night frontman, Ronald Osbourne took us all on a journey that was both appetizing and exciting by keeping the crowd hydrated with his ketchup and mustard bottles, pulling a giant straw out of his pants, and you can’t forget the giant chickens.

On top of their amazing stage presence, they also bring the fans their unique makeup and attire. Even dressed as Slayer MacCheeze and Grimalice they will managed to play flawlessly. The Catburgular was brilliant on drums, but not only that he came out and gave the crowd a glimpse of his voice during the song “Love Buns” which left the crowd in a total frenzy for more. The humor this group provides is unlike any other and is a definite must to experience. Lucky for you there is still some time to catch this band on the remainder of their tour! Click HERE for more information on upcoming dates so you can fulfill your appetite.


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Photos by: BrittMae

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