Dua Lipa Brought The Future To Atlanta


Dua Lipa. A budding pop icon. Lipa is an artist that has obliterated streaming and chart records multiple times over with her sophomore album Future Nostalgia. One can not talk about the state of music today and not mention Dua Lipa. Lipa’s return to Atlanta for the first time in five years on tour for said album was clearly going to be one of the most memorable concerts of the year.

Dua Lipa brought The Future Nostalgia Tour to Atlanta in true pop star fashion, and her fans made sure to represent her well. The energy in the building was buzzing and filled with patrons dressed in everything from neon and fringe to glitter and sequins.

Dua Lipa at State Farm Arena captured by Angel Esobar

The show started out with a short clip accompanied by Dua Lipa performing “Physical,” and it was both an exciting way to prepare the audience for the rest of the show, and set the tone for how the rest of the set was going to be an experience like no other.

The crowd’s elation was tangible as the show continued its unstoppable progression. “Physical” was followed by “New Rules,” which is one of many that allow Dua Lipa to be considered the current queen of dance-pop. “New Rules” can also be deemed an always crowd favorite the way that it was impacting the stadium to the point that you could literally feel the floor moving. After that, there was a stream of other crowd favorites such as “Cool” and “Break My Heart.” The first act concluded with “Be The One”. The iconic older song from Dua Lipa’s self-titled album Dua Lipa brought a significant amount of nostalgia to the crowd, especially those that have been fans of Dua Lipa from the beginning.

Dua Lipa at State Farm Arena captured by Angel Escobar

“Be The One “ was followed by a swift exit of Dua Lipa and her dancers but an intermission followed that was pure creative genius. The intermission was filled with “IDGAF” playing throughout the stadium while dancing roller skaters with cocktail trays moved about the stage. The skaters, coupled with the colorful and creative visuals, entertained the audience during Lipa’s absence.

The second half of Dua Lipa’s set began with not only the visuals that were there one stage still from the intermission, but Lipa arose from the ground with a cloud of fog and was perched as though she were an ethereal mermaid for the performance of “We’re Good.” After that more mellow tune, Lipa went into the more upbeat “Good in Bed,” to the internationally revered English-French collaboration “Fever” featuring Angèle, and finally to the song that had more than one person in the audience screaming, “Boys Will Be Boys.”

Dua Lipa at State Farm Arena captured by Angel Escobar

There was another intermission, but this time the dancers were highlighted and given their own moment to perform leading up to Dua Lipa’s hit feature songs “One Kiss” and “Electricity.” The two songs are a reminder that any song that Lipa is featured on, she will make her own. They were then followed by the highly anticipated “Hallucinate” and “Cold Heart” featuring the iconic Elton John.

One might have thought it was going to be over, but Ms. Dua Lipa wasn’t going to leave her fans wanting more and she performed the streamed over a billion times hit “ Levitating” where Lipa floated above the crowd in true pop star fashion. It was followed by the tour and album’s namesake “Future Nostalgia” where Dua Lipa gave a phenomenal solo performance proving her artistry has no limits. But the finale that tied the concert together and gave everyone in the crowd their last moment to scream, shout and sing along was the supremely anticipated “Don’t Start Now” – and that was the perfect ending to a flawless performance.

Dua Lipa at State Farm Arena captured by Angel Escobar

I know that anyone that can see Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tour is so grateful to have listened to her unmatched vocals live, seen her fabulously futuristic costumes, and been astonished all in one night.

To check out the rest of the tour dates, and see when Dua Lipa is coming to your city!


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