LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW : King Princess // Atlanta, GA


King Princess brought the ‘Cheap Queen‘ tour to Atlanta’s Tabernacle on Sunday night. The show was opened by Girlpool, an indie rock band, who brought some fun chill rock vibes to the stage. The crowd absolutely erupted once King Princess took the stage, filling the venue with cheers as she danced her way towards the piano. Despite the energetic entrance, she started playing ‘Isabel’s Moment’, a slower piano ballad with strong vocals. The crowd sang along as Mikaela’s clear voice rang out with the melodic piano notes. Knowing her high energy, this choice of an opener was definitely not expected, but ended up being the perfect way to start the show. After the song was over, she got up from the piano to play ‘Tough on Myself’ and ‘Prophet’, two favorites from her latest album. Her energy on stage is infectious, she danced around every inch of the stage and the crowd was enraptured.




One notable thing about King Princess’ concerts is just how intimate the show feels. The sense of comfort and confidence she shows on stage makes the show feel personal and special. There was a lot of crowd interaction as well, really making each show unique. She bantered with a loud fan in the crowd with mock insults, and even rejected a girl throwing her number on stage jokingly. This deep appreciation for her fans is so apparent, even before she remarked how great her fans are at the show. The setlist was almost her entire discography, mainly playing her recent album but also playing some of her older songs as well. She made sure to play ‘Talia’, ‘Upper West Side’, and ‘1950′, all fan favorites off of her EP ‘Make My Bed’ which gained traction after ‘1950′ became popular.

King Princess’ music is just a great live as it is recorded, if not even better. The clear vocals, energetic guitar, and graceful piano could be heard and felt all throughout the venue, a captivating performance for everyone in attendance. ‘Hit the Back’ had the whole crowd dancing, the rainbow lighting on stage and the feeling in the room was an unforgettable live show experience, even everyone upstairs at the venue had the balcony shaking. It seemed as if the crowd could dance forever without ever tiring out. There was almost a melancholy feeling in the room after everyone danced for one last song and she had to leave the stage, as if everyone wanted the concert to last just a little bit longer.


If you want to see a show that will make you laugh, dance, and cry, then this is the tour for you. Go catch the Cheap Queen herself on the rest of her tour, and be prepared for an amazing experience.


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