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By: Evelyn Armstrong

On March 17th 2018 I attended the Billie Eilish concert at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA. Expecting her super fans to be as super as ever I arrived extra early only to find the line of loving fans already around the building.

The mood of the crowd as we all eagerly waited outside was warm and unique. Each of Billie’s fans has a different way of seeing beauty and compliments were flying among strangers with a common love for the It girl. Once the show started there was an undeniable connection between everyone in the building. I have never seen such an intense love for an upcoming artist. I personally have loved Billie for a while and was quite excited to see her live.

The show started with DJ Kiero (AKA KieroLovesYou) who couldn’t have had a more positive and loving message for the crowd. After telling everyone he was our new big brother for life, He got us dancing with some popular classics that everyone could bop to.

Next up was Reo Cragun. Reo killed his set with his popular R&B tunes off his album Growing Pains. Reo and Kiero kept the crowd jumping and grooving with their kind energy and smiles.

Finally Billie was up to bat. The crowd eagerly waited on the tips of their toes trying to sneak a peak of her before she hopped on to stage. The room filled with the most unforgettable excitement. Sporting her usual beyond this world look and style she slid into her set with a non stop smile and endless swag. At this point I was about twenty feet closer to the stage then when I had initially gotten inside. The crowd was now all about Billie, soon all I could hear were the proud voices all around me belting her lyrics like nobody’s business.

As Billie sang angelically through her album the audience swayed and stumbled following where she went on stage. Billie’s brother (and best friend forever) Finneas hopped in the spotlight for one of his new songs (New Girl) and had everyone in love and wanting more.

For her big finale Billie sang Copycat and the crowd went wild. During the last verse of the last song she’d play her first time in Atlanta, Billie decided to stage dive in the most epic and unexpected way possible, as she does most things in life.

The show could not have had more energy and love. Everyone left the building that night shaking from a combination of joy and being star struck by the young icon. Most definitely an unforgettable experience and one for the books.

Check out our photos from the show in the gallery below!

Photos By: Evelyn Armstrong

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