Mandi Macias unveils her newest heartbreak anthem “F* UR F150”


From alt pop artist Mandi Macias comes her newest breakup anthem, “F* UR F150”. The song encompasses an unhealthy relationship dynamic with someone who wants to keep things casual and under wraps due to a significant age difference. The song takes a defiant stance against not only the relationship but the way that the other person is handling their feelings by using their choice in vehicles to mock the age gap between them.

A strong departure from her previous music, this song dives deeper into her pop influence. With an upbeat tempo and candid lyrics, “F* UR F150” could easily be found on any teenage heartbreak playlist. 

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James Wieners
James Wieners
James Wieners is currently studying Journalism in Chicago. When he's not writing and/or listening to music, he's showing off the beautiful city of Chicago to tourists from around the world as a tour guide.

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