Roses and Revolutions Release Ninth EP, ‘Questions’


Recommended Tracks: “Still Standing – Our Version”, “Question”, “You and Me”
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The duo of Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt, best known as Roses & Revolutions, released their latest EP, Questions, on June 21. Prior to Questions, they have released eight EPs since Winter Solstice in 2017. They have grown organically as artists through each release, and have developed a shared sense of confidence and clarity. Along with their development as artists, their music has seen incredible growth, amassing millions of streams, powered by hits including “Big Bad Wolf”, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”,  and “Coffee”.

About Peace, Merritt said:

“We’re so confident in what Roses & Revolutions is now. We didn’t question the songs as much. It was very organic. It’s liberating when the training wheels come off. We’ve gone through that, and we’re at a point where we can really grow.”

In their music, Coco’s vocal range and expressive lyricism mesh wonderfully with Merritt’s striking instrumentation and warm production. Their storytelling is fascinating, featuring bold delivery paired with gentle sonic architecture. 

After spending most of 2023 writing and recording, Coco and Merritt are excited to release Questions.

About the production process, Merritt said, “The main focus is always Alyssa’s voice, so the production is there to support it. For this project, it felt right to stay in the indie, acoustic folk world. Every song starts with one of Alyssa’s ideas. She plays the keys, piano, pads, and strings on the demos, and she’s very involved in the production and programming. Ultimately, her voice drives everything.”

Coco added, “Matt really understood the sonic vision of the EP. Nothing is too big or epic. The music is more personal. In general, it’s about coming to terms with a relationship that has run its course and trying to make something work that will never work.”

The EP features six songs, all exploring the emotions felt while parting with a relationship that will never work out. Opening track and title track, “Question”, puts listeners right in the middle of this relationship. Coco said this track takes place at the point of questioning everything, and starting to realize it is not going well. The track’s production is beautifully raw, allowing Coco’s voice to soar above light driving beats and ethereal sounds. 

“Power” features breathy, love-drunk vocals to tell the story of how someone can become overpowering. Glitchy beats and piano notes accompany Coco’s vocals on this track, as she sings “Truth be told, you’ll never know the power you hold with me / But I know better than to wait out the weather for you”. “Seasons” goes through a similar realization, as Coco sings, “There’s something true about all that they say / Time heals everything and everything can’t always go your way”. 

In “Peace”, reflective lyrics bring to light the gravity of the relationship. The track’s beautiful production, paired with lyrics including “You’ve never been so cold / I just need to know / When you were with me / Was there ever peace?”, creates a stunning, emotionally touching track. 

The mood transitions in “You and Me”, where piano notes glimmer through soft chords. The lyrics reckon with feeling lost after a relationship ends, yet trying to accept it, as Coco compares what was to what is. She sings, “It’s just you and me / Now you’re free / So you do you and I’ll let you be”. About the meaning of “You and Me”, Coco added that the relationship was a beautiful thing, and now it is a memory. 

The EP’s final track, “Still Standing – Our Version”, features artists Sam Tsui and Casey Breves. Uniting a trio of voices over acoustic guitar, the piece focuses on the beauty of being able to stand alone. The lyrics sing, “I’m not the surrender type / Well, I’m still standing. I’m still standing on my own”. The track has been featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, and amassed over 27,000 Spotify streams since the EP’s release.  

Reflecting on Questions as a whole, Coco said,

“I hope the EP finds the right people who may need to hear this certain situation, so they don’t feel alone. Music should put you in a world where you feel a part of something. It’s comfort.”

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Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
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