Anna Duboc grapples with toxicity on “On Your Mind”


Singer-songwriter Anna Duboc’s latest single “On Your Mind” adopts the chill pop sound of Sabrina Carpenter for a tale of romantic disappointment that delivers a cool and collected shrug of indifference. Warbling guitar plucks assist Duboc as she sets the scene: “You showed up with a story / Paired with a white tee / What was I thinking / You had convinced me”. The singer continues to tell the story of a prospect revealing his desire for no-strings-attached physical intimacy before quickly disappearing from sight. 

The song meditates on the cycle of dismay that arrives when recognizing the pitfalls of expectations. Duboc reflects on her interactions with her subject as the mid-tempo instrumental breezes along (“Text you in the morning, I get no reply”), before ultimately accepting her subject for what he is (“I guess I need a reminder, you’re just a guy / I shoulda known what’s on your mind”). The song’s instrumental and Duboc’s voice sound Sabrina Carpenter-esque, fitting into the mold of sunny pop that she’s distinguished among her catalog without following too closely. Duboc proves that despite exceptions, sometimes one must accept that “you’re just a guy”.

You can listen to “On Your Mind” on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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Avery Heeringa
Avery Heeringa
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