Anna Harrell travels back in time on new single “Cascade”


Reminiscence can be a slippery slope. Singer-songwriter Anna Harrell is keenly aware of this on her latest single “Cascade”, which takes her back to a past romantic fling through easy bedroom pop recollections. 

Harrell details keeping herself busy as to keep from thinking about a previous romance. All is well until she’s thrown back to a year ago when she sees the ex-partner’s photo on her screen. “I start to cascade / I think about your face / And read our conversations like it’s yesterday”, she sings over subtle drum kicks and guitar strums. The singer utilizes soft bedroom pop production to background her “cascading” as she continues to over-analyze and come up with assumptions about her subject (“Bet you took a girl to prom / Bet your tie matches her dress / Bet your hair was still a mess / Like when I met you / Probably drinking way too much”). 

Harrell’s subtle spiraling speaks to themes most young people who’ve felt the burning passion of  infatuation can understand. Her soft and sweet voice delivers her analysis and presumptions with ease, fluttering up and down without breaking a sweat. As the singer expresses, sometimes no amount of time can undo the flame of a fling.  

You can listen to “Cascade” on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Anna Harrell: Spotify // Instagram // Website // TikTok 

Avery Heeringa
Avery Heeringa
Avery Heeringa recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago where he studied communication and journalism. He is passionate about all things entertainment and popular culture. When not writing about music, he can be found in the aisles at his local record store or discussing new album releases with his friends.

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