AleXa tries to alleviate her own heartbreak with a “distraction” in latest single


K-pop star AleXa is pushing the boundaries of multilingual pop with her new single “distraction,” which dropped today. AleXa — whose real name is Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman — was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She first gained fame by dancing and competing in Soompi’s reality television series, Rising Legends, where nearly a million fans crowned her the winner.

In October 2019, AleXa released her multilingual track “Bomb.” She made history as the first solo Korean artist to perform at iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball last December. Now, AleXa is recognized as the sixth most-played Korean artist on U.S. radio.

Her latest single, “distraction,” is a bold and empowering track that explores themes of self-worth and the complexities of love. Melodic Mag recently spoke with AleXa about “distraction,” which is part of a series of English-language singles that includes “i’m okay” and “sick.”

What sparked the idea for “distraction”, and what’s the main message you wanted to get across with this song?

I feel like the lyrics talk about what is, in my opinion, a common mistake done by those of us in the dating pool: rebounding…Finding a “distraction” (pun intended) to alleviate the heartbreak…I, personally, haven’t subjected myself to rebounding, but boy, do I have friends who have. Guard your heart and don’t be quick to give too much of yourself away to those who don’t deserve it.

How does “distraction” compare to your other English tracks like ”i’m okay” and “sick” in terms of what it means to you emotionally and in your entrance into English-language music?

“distraction” is definitely more upbeat than the other two, but still within the pop-punk genre that I grew up listening to. The goal of this (eventual) album is to spark nostalgia for people who may have grown up with similar music interests to my own.

You’ve talked about not settling for convenience in relationships with this song. Why do you think it’s crucial for people to hear this message right now?

You are so important and valuable; if people can’t see that, then there’s no need to share any of your soul with them.

How do you think “distraction” showcases your growth as an artist from your debut to now?

It’s a different sound and different approach than my KPOP debut as an idol, but as an artist, I guess it’s safe to say I’m always looking for new avenues to explore.

“distraction” has been described as bold and empowering. How do you hope listeners will connect with the song on a personal level?

If you can’t relate to the lyrics, I hope it can just be anthem you can blast, when the mood is appropriate. I can see it being a fun driving song.

Finally, what’s coming after “distraction”? Any exciting projects or collaborations in the works that you’re eager to share with your fans?

There’s a handful of songs we’re sitting on, some of my own and some we’ve outsourced; I’m just excited to see where the future leads.

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Clare Gehlich
Clare Gehlich
Clare is a recent Stony Brook University graduate, holding a BA in Journalism. She was a journalism intern at Melodic for the spring 2024 semester and currently serves as the album coordinator and is a freelance writer for the magazine.

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