Heather Kathryn is happy to “GO TO HELL” on her new single


Heather Kathryn celebrates sexual self expression on her newest single, “GO TO HELL”. A pop-punk dive into dark pop, the song details the confidence that Kathryn has found in accepting that “I’m the devil you know” and how it might be better than the alternative.

Dark synth accentuates Kathryn’s strong vocals, creating a sound that gradually builds with the addition of the guitar and percussion come the chorus. A mix of electronic and traditional instrumentation, the song is able to create a soundscape that is reminiscent of both the confidence and hedonistic sin that the lyrics praise. 

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James Wieners
James Wieners
James Wieners is currently studying Journalism in Chicago. When he's not writing and/or listening to music, he's showing off the beautiful city of Chicago to tourists from around the world as a tour guide.

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