Wodan Boys’ “Power” is a defiant battle cry


Credit: Tim van der Zalm

Dutch rock outfit Wodan Boys has just released “Power”, the euphoric second single off their upcoming debut album.

“Power” is completely faithful to its namesake: kicking off with a thunderous riff, right into a rowdy drum beat that sets the stage for an electrifying experience. Wodan Boys brings a fresh take on garage rock; reminiscent of Queens of The Stone Age, Bad Nerves and Royal Blood, the sound is intense, kinda sexy and very much in your face. Loud howls, vertiginous guitar solos and steady chants rope the listener in, and banging your head becomes pretty much unavoidable.

At its core, the track focuses on rebelling against the powers that be, if you will. “Power” holds nothing back, as it defiantly confronts the norm and questions the need for rigid rules in the first place. It screams at the top of its lungs, with a contagious energy that gets the listener into the same disruptive headspace. Its words are galvanizing and aggressive, yet they don’t lose sight of the underlying message of empowerment. Wodan Boys’ declaration is one of complete freedom, in the form of a battle cry: “let the people dance, let the people kiss, let the people sing“.

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