St. Lundi Delivers Heartfelt Reconciliation in “Say So”


St Lundi shares powerful new single 'Lost In Love' | New Music - Music Crowns

St. Lundi’s latest single “Say So” beautifully merges commercial appeal with the introspective depth of singer-songwriter sensibilities, crafting an emotionally resonant anthem. The track opens with gentle acoustic guitar strumming, setting a contemplative tone that is quickly enriched by St. Lundi’s heartfelt vocals and lush, atmospheric production.

Influences from artists like Coldplay and Andrew Belle are evident throughout the song, as St. Lundi’s emotive delivery and poignant lyricism evoke comparisons to Chris Martin’s tender ballads. The song’s core message, inspired by a deeply personal reconciliation, is encapsulated in the lyrics, “We’d not spoken for nearly 5 years after falling out / and no matter what I tried to do, nothing could replace our relationship”. This authenticity and vulnerability strike a powerful chord with listeners, encouraging them to cherish and express their love for those close to them.

Clocking in at just over three minutes, “Say So” flows seamlessly, balancing reflective verses with a soaring chorus. The song’s production is polished yet intimate, allowing St. Lundi’s voice to shine amidst the carefully layered instrumentation. The single’s cover art—a serene, minimalist design—complements the song’s introspective nature and adds a visual representation of its heartfelt message.

St. Lundi, hailed by Record Of The Day as a young star on the rise and lauded by Clash Music for his finely honed musicality, has rapidly made a name for himself since his debut in March 2020. With collaborations with Norwegian stars Kygo and Seeb, and his debut EP Heavy Words amassing over 2 million streams, St. Lundi is a testament to the power of sincere songwriting and captivating vocals.

“Say So” is available on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with St. Lundi: Spotify // Instagram // TikTok // Facebook // Twitter

Joshua Madsen
Joshua Madsen
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