Kehlani Shares Their Passions and Desires On New Album, ‘Crash’


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Recommended Tracks:After Hours”, “8”, “Tears”, “Lose My Wife

Kehlani is known for being unapologetically themself both onstage and offstage. Their latest release, Crash, is a testament to the good, the bad, and the ugly from past, present, and future partnerships. Through driving percussion and powerful bass, Kehlani dances their way through finding what they want and need in relationships 

Opening with “GrooveTheory”, Kehlani’s powerful vocals shine through as they sing about their longing for a stable relationship. This motif is seen throughout the album, especially on high-energy tracks such as, “After Hours”,  “Better Not”, and “Tears”. In these songs, Kehlani shares their hopes for future relationships and wishes to fulfill these dreams soon. When Kehlani finds themselves in a partnership in tracks such as “Next 2 U” and “Crash”, their smooth voice glides through lyrics about protecting and caring for the people they love. In songs such as “8” and “Vegas”, Kehlani promises to show love and respect to their partner. 

Kehlani acknowledges that relationships can be overwhelming and confusing. In tracks such as “Chapel”, they give their partner space to figure themselves out and find what works best for them in a relationship. This is truly what Crash is about – learning who you are and what motivates you. Kehlani knows that they like to have fun, which is why most songs on the album have a fun, danceable beat. However, Kehlani knows that love is complex, so their more serious songs have a slower tempo. Crash inspires listeners to reflect on their passions and desires as each song delves into the different aspects of relationships.

You can listen to Crash below.

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Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza
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