Audacy Check-In: Bryson Tiller shares insights into his latest self-titled album and his evolving artistry


Bryson Tiller, currently on tour across North America, stopped by Audacy NYC’s 94.7 The Block to chat with Jen From BK at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City. Despite being tired from performing “his favorite New York show so far” the night before, Tiller enthusiastically shared insights into his latest self-titled album, his evolving artistry, and more. He also gave shout-outs to London and Montreal, citing them as having the best crowd energies.

When asked about the inspiration behind his album’s cover art, Tiller revealed that his passion for video games played a significant role. Specifically, he drew inspiration from the cyberpunk genre, including the popular anime series, which features characters enhancing their bodies and armor. This revelation segued into a discussion about his growth as an artist and his desire to venture into new musical territories. “I just got tired of making the same type of music repeatedly. It felt monotonous,” Tiller confessed. “I enjoy all kinds of music and wanted to reflect that in my work.”

For fans familiar with Tiller’s earlier hits like “Don’t” and “Exchange” from his debut album Trapsoul, known for its moody, atmospheric R&B sound, this shift signifies a significant change. Tiller emphasized that this new direction is about showcasing his versatility and reclaiming his creative freedom. “I wanted to prove that I can excel in different genres and styles. It’s about taking control back from the narrative that fans and critics often impose.”

One of the boldest moves Tiller made was naming his fourth album after himself, typically a decision reserved for an artist’s debut. He explained, “People often pigeonhole me based on my previous albums. I wanted to remind everyone that I’m Bryson Tiller, capable of much more than they might expect.”

In terms of the album’s structure, Tiller chose to start with an instrumental track to set a reflective tone. “I wanted listeners to have a moment to think and immerse themselves in the soundscape before diving into the rest of the album,” he explained. This approach harkens back to the R&B roots he has studied and admired for years.

Tiller also shared personal anecdotes, including recording a Christmas song with his daughter, highlighting how fatherhood has changed him. He talked about the importance of being open about mental health and his journey towards feeling “confident and unstoppable.”

Bryson Tiller’s self-titled album was released on June 7, 2024, and his North American tour, which started on June 1, includes stops across the U.S. and Canada through September 30. Fans can look forward to an engaging live experience from Tiller, who promises to keep evolving and surprising his audience with new artistic ventures.

To listen to Bryson’s full interview, press play on the Audacy Check-In above. Plus, check out his new self-titled album below.

The Bryson Tiller Tour with special guests:
DJ Nitrane & Slum Tiller
06.18 // Houston, TX
06.19 // Irving, TX
06.22 // Cincinnati, OH
06.23 // Nashville, TN
06.25 // Indianapolis, IN
06.26 // Sterling Heights, MI
06.28 // Minneapolis, MN

Get tickets to the remainder of tour on Bryson’s website.

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