Chill Out With Jim Swim On New Single “Randonaut”


Jim Swim, a producer, instrumentalist, and rapper, combines alternative hip-hop, indie soul, and bedroom pop to create warm and wavy music with bounce. With his lyrical insights and unique flow, Jim Swim’s songs unfold like good conversation, changing between personal to universal experiences on a dime. His latest release, “Randonaut” follows his calm musical style, and is dedicated to the people who go with the flow.

Featuring playful guitar and wispy piano, “Randonaut” is a song for the free spirits. It’s about growing older, specifically focusing on the battle between floating from place to place or finally settling down. Lyrics such as “It’s been long days / Got to pay for these nights / Can’t seem to get my money right / Fun times” show this struggle between finding stable ground and always wanting to have a good time.

Commenting on “Randonaut”, Jim Swim shares:

“I’ve always idealized wandering, free-spirited people who avoid getting caught in the usual security traps. However, as time goes on, I think the wandering itself can sometimes become its own form of habituation. In ‘Randonaut,’ I tried to take on the perspective of someone who isn’t ready to plant roots, but is a little tired of being rootless. It’s not me, but it’s definitely a me I could’ve been.”

You can listen to “Randonaut” below.

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Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza is a current journalism intern at Melodic Mag. She is a full-time student at Syracuse University in the Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries with a minor in Sport Event Management. When she is not writing, you can find her in the cheapest seats at any Philadelphia or Syracuse University sporting event or spending time with her beloved elderly cat, Lola.

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