Presence’s “MY LOSS!”: A Summer Pop Anthem of Regret and Reflection


Presence‘s latest single, “MY LOSS!”, is the opening track on their recently released EP, setting the tone with a catchy, repetitive melody that makes it an easy sing-along. Sweaters’ tight production complements Presence’s smooth vocals, creating a perfect summer pop anthem.

The lyrics explore themes of regret and reflection, capturing the feeling of missing someone you didn’t realize you needed. Lines like “Maybe I needed you a little more than I thought” and “I thought I let you go” resonate deeply, depicting the struggle of moving on from a past love. The recurring imagery of torn letters taped back together symbolizes the difficulty of letting go and the hope of reconnecting.

Presence’s storytelling is poignant, particularly in the verse where they recall the simple joy of spending time at a favorite spot, only to be left reminiscing alone. The track’s blend of heartfelt lyrics and catchy rhythm makes it both relatable and memorable. 

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Joshua Madsen
Joshua Madsen
Joshua is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, holding a BA in Political Science and Journalism. He is currently a summer intern For Melodic Magazine, a freelance writer, and a woodworker.

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