philine Shares Her Struggles On Latest Single “your house, my house”


philine is known for her wild imagination seen through her music. Her tender voice, delicate tunes, and vivid lyrics captivate listeners as they get a glimpse into her world. Her catchy melodies and shimmering chords turn her feelings and thoughts into danceable music for others’ enjoyment. philine recently released her new single “your house, my house”, which inspires listeners to reflect on what is best for them.

“your house, my house” is a song about distancing yourself from something unhealthy. Through vulnerable lyrics, flowing vocals, and steady drums, we are introduced to a toxic relationship that is nearing the end of its course. philine sings “Oh, it’s such a fine line / Fade back into your life / Step back to the sideline / Maybe it’s the right time”, showing the push and pull of this relationship but acknowledging that it is best to move on. 

Sharing more about “your house, my house”, philine notes:

“This song is about me going back and forth with someone that had already broken up with me, but she still had a lot of power over me. Every once in a while, I would still go over to her house, convinced we could try to start a friendship, and I would always end up staying the night and having to start all over again. At one point I was so done with the constant push and pull and with always being caught up with her. That’s when I wrote the song.”

You can listen to “your house, my house” below.

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Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza is a current journalism intern at Melodic Mag. She is a full-time student at Syracuse University in the Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries with a minor in Sport Event Management. When she is not writing, you can find her in the cheapest seats at any Philadelphia or Syracuse University sporting event or spending time with her beloved elderly cat, Lola.

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