LA Artist Money Mo’s New Release “Real Life” Shines Bright with Uplifting Synths and Bouncy Melodies


At just 19 years old, this LA-based artist and All-American soccer player is making waves with his new single “Real Life.” Released last Friday, this track marks a notable departure from his previous work, embracing a clean, relatable pop sound that resonates with a broad audience.

“Real Life” is an uplifting, bouncy, and melodic tune that captures the essence of summer. The song’s vibrant synths and catchy hook make it a good song for a drive down Mulholland. The artist’s heartfelt lyrics reveal a deeper narrative about personal struggles and triumphs: “I just wanna be alone in my real life / Everybody wanna act like they know me, but they don’t really know what it feel like / I’ve been winning so long but I’m still chasin’ new heights.”

These lyrics offer a glimpse into the artist’s real-life experiences, reflecting the pressures of public perception and the relentless pursuit of success. Despite the challenges, the song’s vibe is optimistic and empowering, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

As the artist steps into the pop scene with this fresh, profanity-free single, “Real Life” promises to be a hit that many can vibe with and enjoy. It’s a testament to his versatility and potential as an emerging pop artist. 

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Joshua Madsen
Joshua Madsen
Joshua is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, holding a BA in Political Science and Journalism. He is currently a summer intern For Melodic Magazine, a freelance writer, and a woodworker.


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