Leah Jane Gets Vulnerable in New Single “Same Cloth”


Toronto-based artist Leah Jane is not only a musician, but also an actress. Known for her role in House of Deadly Lies on Lifetime, she combines her theatrical experiences and her passion for music to create an immersive listening experience. Her newest single, “Same Cloth”, is no different. “Same Cloth” is the third single off her upcoming debut EP Nottingham Drive, and it tells the story of being in love for the first time.

The track starts off with a slow but full piano before Leah Jane’s soft and pure vocals come in. The piano slows down even further to give her vocals a chance to shine. The lyrics of this verse see her pain as she longs for someone from her past.

We transition seamlessly into the first chorus with a subtle uptick in the piano’s energy. Leah Jane’s angelic voice, backed by choral background vocals, goes even higher as she sings “you said we’d be everything and more love”. An ambient echo on the end of her words hangs in the air as she ends the chorus with the title lyrics “we’re cut from the same cloth”. The choral vocals are abruptly cut off as soft electric guitar echoes the melody.

The second verse sees the introduction of a subtle drum to drive the verse forward, and Leah Jane gets more expressive in her vocal delivery. The instrumentals seem to sparkle as they continue to build towards the next chorus.

The chorus returns to the simple piano and choral background, with a beautiful vocal harmony added in. After this chorus, we move into an instrumental break featuring Leah Jane’s soft vocals in the background.

The bridge sees Leah Jane continue her vocal melody over just the subtle drum, this time expressing that she’s finally mustered the strength to leave. The bridge gains energy as she comes to terms with the situation before going straight back into the chorus.

With more harmonies underscoring the emotion, we’re building towards another instrumental break with even more energy than before. This energetic yet softly ambient soundscape with echoed vocals carries us to the end of the song with a few twists thrown in. The music suddenly drops off and Leah Jane’s a cappella vocals singing the title lyrics show us out.

“Same Cloth” takes us through a timeline of two young lovers as Leah Jane learns to let go and move on. The pure and expressive vocals over a slow and ambient background make this already vulnerable and relatable track even more meaningful. Her upcoming EP Nottingham Drive will contain similar themes, so if you like this track be sure to keep an eye out.

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