Wren Astra Releases Visceral New Single “Concussed”


Wren Astra embodies a unique blend of artistry and academia, seamlessly transitioning between her roles as an indie blues musician and a respected professor at USC. 

Her latest single, “Concussed,” serves as a poignant exploration of societal issues. Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences, including blues, trip-hop, spaghetti western/noir, and folk/tribal sounds, Wren writes a visceral song about experiencing concussion at the hands of an abuser. 

Her dedication to inclusivity is evident in both her artistic collaborations and academic endeavours. By actively engaging with artists from marginalized communities, she not only diversifies the artistic landscape but also fosters a sense of representation and belonging for those whose voices have historically been marginalized.

Intimate partner violence affects people of all identities, so it is important to raise awareness together:

“Concussion is a visceral song that takes the listener into the moment of experiencing a concussion at the hands of an abuser — the confusing thoughts, feelings, and physical dissociation that occur in real-time of an abuse event. The song features Wren Astra reading the legal restraining order for her abuser as whispers, hauntingly melancholy vocals by Zero Surico of For3st Hills, and the moody strings of guest celloist Christopher McCarthy.”

Zero Surico of @for3sthills is a guest vocalist on the track. 

Wren Astra’s background in social justice medicine and medical writing informs her music, infusing them with insights derived from her scholarly pursuits. This interdisciplinary approach depends the impact of her advocacy, offering a nuanced understanding of the systemic issues she addresses. 

Furthermore, Wren’s commitment to inclusivity extends to her live performances, where she ensures that individuals of all backgrounds and identities feel welcomed and celebrated.

As she continues to develop and challenge norms, she serves as a powerful beacon for social change through music and art. Her work inspired others to join in the fight for justice and equality, demonstrating the transformative potential of artistic expression in shaping a more equitable world. 

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