Heather Kathryn pushes through a man’s world in “MY TRAGIC LIFE”


Courtesy: Heather Kathryn

Phoenix pop punk singer Heather Kathryn has just released her newest single “MY TRAGIC LIFE”, the high octane title track of her upcoming EP, out this summer.

“MY TRAGIC LIFE” takes on the challenges of a woman navigating a male-dominated world with explosive vocals and a heavy dose of the boldest honesty. Heather Kathryn is not here to soften any blows; the scenarios are clear, and the frustrations palpable. The angst comes through in Kathryn’s melodic sound with an emotional performance that is both powerful and thought-provoking.

Citing the likes of Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Charlotte Sands as musical inspirations, Heather Kathryn’s sound is just as rebellious and energetic. With effervescent riffs and rumbling drums, “MY TRAGIC LIFE” creates a chaotic space that mimics the anger in the words. As a woman in rock and roll, Katrhyn’s perseverance to survive is encapsulated in the track: her screams kick down the doors that are continuously slammed shut in her face. It’s a cathartic anthem for women defiantly moving past the never-ending obstacle course that is the music industry.

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