LE3SA Shares Spellbinding Journey with “You Blow Me Away”



LE3SA, the self-taught singer and music producer from Vancouver is back with “You Blow Me Away”. Combining live and software instruments in a harmonious dance and blurring the lines between genres, she creates a sound that is both fresh and familiar.

“You Blow Me Away” perfectly showcases LE3SA’s signature sound. With clean delayed guitars, ambient synths, and chill beat, the track takes us through a whirlwind of sounds. The chorus’ repetition of “You Blow Me Away” and the use of reverb, this track casts a spell on us.

LE3SA’s vocals soar above the lush instrumentation, sharing the melting effect of a lover’s gaze and picturing a beautiful romance. From the tender touch that marks the beginning of a relationship to the shared moments spent under the stars, every lyric is infused with a sense of passion and can only make us want to fall in love again.

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