Dynamic Singer-Songwriter Maryen Cairns Drops her New Single “Give To The Chase”


Dynamic singer-songwriter Maryen Cairns releases her latest single “Give To The Chase” (live) today from her upcoming album “One Woman Band, Live at Echotown Studios, Vol. 1” which is due to be released on May 3rd! 

“Give To The Chase” is a song close to Maryen’s heart, as it was written while she was mothering her four young children while living in an off-the-grid yurt on a rainforest mountaintop in SE Queensland, Australia. 

At that time, Cairns’ decision to record the song at home alone marked the beginning of a transformative journey that led to the creation of both “Give To The Chase” and her 2012 album “Stories from the Red Tent.”

The album is a conceptual exploration, where a group of women convene to share stories and forge connections within the sanctuary of The Red Tent. 

In the song, Maryen personifies Mother Earth, singing both as her and as herself: 

I hear you call my love and it hurts me to know you will fall on your journey of life       

And I can’t always pick up the pieces of a broken toy or a broken dream                       

So I will try to teach you resilience, I will try to teach you hope                               

With patience, fortitude, perseverance, faith 

You will plunge into life and enjoy her flight                                                               

So run my little one, run for your life, Fly the currents, preserve mother earth,   

Duck, dive, swoop, survive                   

Give to the chase, give to the chase You’re in the human race 

The lyrics compel listeners to contemplate our role as caretakers of the Earth and the interconnectedness of all living beings. 

During Maryen’s solo performances on tour as a one woman band, she takes the stage to perform “Give To The Chase ” with nothing but percussion and vocals.

In this live rendition,  Cairns channels a shamanic energy, calling out a plea for Mother Earth. With each beat of the drum, the song resonates as a rallying cry for environmental stewardship as well as for a more sustainable future. 

On recording the video, Cairns says:

“Shot from one angle, and obviously just the one take… captures the beautiful stage decorations and lights along with the energy and joy of the song through the expressed intention of healing our mother earth together.”

Positioned atop a Cajon, she uses her feet to manipulate two pedals while wearing a rattle on one ankle. In perfect harmony, she plays a medicine drum and shaker while delivering her heartfelt vocals.

This unique arrangement really displays Maryen’s mastery of rhythm as well as her deep connection to nature, making “Give to the Chase” a captivating musical journey.

Maryen Cairns has made her mark in the music industry with her distinctive folk-pop compositions over the past three decades.

Living in Guernsey, her music offers something unique with its allegorical themes. Maryen has garnered acclaim under the mentorship of renowned producer Chris Kimsey, known for his work with The Rolling Stones. She has also collaborated with Fish, former Marillion producer.

Maryen’s new live album “One Woman Band, Live at Echotown Studios, Vol. 1” is her debut vinyl release, and will be out on May 3rd. This nine track album is a fantastic culmination from her recent UK tour, and was produced by Chris Kimsey in Dorset, UK.

Connect with Maryen Cairns on her Website, and social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. 

Stream music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube music. 

Listen to “Give To The Chase” here. 

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