Best Not Broken and Their Distinctive Sound in New EP, “If It Feels Right”.


Hailing from the picturesque state of New Hampshire, Best Not Broken has dropped their fourth EP, ‘If It Feels Right,’ signaling a groundbreaking moment in their musical journey. 

This genre-defying band skilfully brings together pop, alternative rock, and indie influences to craft a distinctive sound that stands out in a league of its own.

Drawing comparisons to iconic acts such as the Bare Naked Ladies, Weezer, and the ever-popular Harry Styles, Best Not Broken’s remarkable talent and creativity have earned them the esteemed New England Music Award.

‘If It Feels Right’ offers listeners a captivating glimpse into the collective vision of the band, showcasing their prowess in exploring relatable themes. The EP takes a nostalgic trip through the corridors of high school experiences, addressing universal challenges encountered during those formative years. Through evocative lyrics and melodies, Best Not Broken masterfully transports audiences back to their youth, striking a chord on a profoundly personal level.

“The EP, If It Feels Right, blends the old with the new – old and new songs, old and new instrumentation, old and new production.  Reflection and Celebration … This Ep is our favorite so far.  It’s the first time we’ve felt so good about connecting real emotions with the right melodies and rhythms.  We hope you enjoy it!”

According to the band, the EP is a seamless fusion of vintage and contemporary elements. Boasting five tracks, including standout singles like ‘I Don’t Belong’ and ‘That’s the Way She Likes It,’ Best Not Broken cleverly integrates old and new ideas, instrumentation, and production techniques. ‘Lying Awake’ and ‘Human Emotion’ introduce fresher melodic and lyrical inspirations, adding depth and diversity to the musical landscape.

Best Not Broken is renowned for their explosive, high-octane energy on stage, leaving audiences exhilarated and hungry for more. With a track record of captivating performances alongside luminaries such as Matt Nathanson, The Guess Who, and Jason Derulo, the band has solidified their status as a versatile and sought-after live act.

Recorded and mixed at Woolly Mammoth Studios and Revelry Studios and masterfully mastered by Adam Ayan, the EP boasts impeccable production quality. As Best Not Broken continues to evolve and carve out their unique musical identity, ‘If It Feels Right’ promises a future filled with limitless opportunities. They have, once again, proved that their musical path is eagerly awaited by all enthusiasts of exceptional music. 

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