Psychedelic Pop Party Anthem: Dive into The Color Pink’s Latest Single “Little Animals”.


The Color Pink have released a new single, “Little Animals”, which is out now. 

“Little Animals” can be described as psychedelic pop, a progressive party anthem with its fusion of disco drums and nostalgic synthesizer patches which give a vivid sense of the track’s energy and style. 

Lead singer Mikey Iansito’s evolution into a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer is impressive, especially given his initial battles and fears of sharing his music. 

“Little Animals” includes an amplified Fender bass line, and most of the track has a synth bass going on. In some parts, Iansito wanted to beef up this sound and so he decided to use a fretless bass which works really well. 

It’s fascinating to learn about Mikey Iansito’s musical journey and the creation of The Color Pink. The blend of influences from his childhood, such as the opera performances and culinary pursuits at his grandparent’s house, adds a unique and personal touch to his music. 

The debut album, “Mazes,” seems to be a rich exploration of coming-of-age themes with a subversive edge, showcasing Mikey’s skills across various aspects of music creation. The meticulous curation of aesthetics across different elements of his work, including fashion, imaging, and production, reflects a holistic approach to his artistry.

Influences range from a wide array of genres; jazz to rock to video game music and opera, all contributing to the diverse and unique sound of The Color Pink. Mikey’s dedication to his craft, from exploring piano to delving into recording and honing his studio skills, add depth to this musical narrative. 

The vision for the future of The Color Pink, including new music, possible collaborations, multimedia live shows, and an unwavering commitment to musical creation, suggests a promising and exciting trajectory for the project. 

“Little Animals” is now available to stream on Spotify, and more about The Color Pink can be found on their official Website. 


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